Saturday, November 8, 2008

November 7 & 8th: Solar Flux 68 Sunspots: 0

Click on the map to see full image.

November 5th: Solar flux: 68 Sunspots: 11

No one answered my CQ.

November 4th: Sloar Flux: 68 Sunspots:14

November 3rd: Solar Flux 70 Sunspots18

November 2nd: Solar Flux 69 Sunspots 17

October 31st: Solar Flux: 68 Sunspots 16

October 30th: Solar Flux 67 Sunspots 13

October 29th: Solar Flux 67: Sunspots: 0

Welcome to the 20m PSK31 Propgation Blog

The purpose of this blog is to illustrate 20m PSK31 conditions as observed from my QTH in EN52ui. At the bottom of the cycle many have written off 20m thinking that it is closed. The fact of the matter is narrow band technologies like CW and PSK31 can and often do flourish when propagation does not support phone. Frequently, 20m is quiet while the band is open. In this blog, I will present to you screen shots from Digital Master 780 showing the plots on the world map of received grid squares.

73 & Good DX